Bad Binder: Android In-The-Wild Exploit (Project Zero)

Over on the Project Zero blog, Maddie Stone has a lengthy post about a zero-day exploit that was found and fixed in the Android Binder interprocess communication mechanism. The post details the search for the problem, which was apparently being used in the wild, its fix, and how it can be exploited. This is all part of an effort to “make zero-day hard”; one of the steps the project is taking is to disseminate more information on these bugs. “Complete detailed analysis of the 0-days from the point of view of bug hunters and exploit developers and share it back with the community. Transparency and collaboration are key. We want to share detailed root cause analysis to inform developers and defenders on how to prevent these types of bugs in the future and improve detection. We hope that by publishing details about the exploit and its methodology, this can inform threat intelligence and incident responders. Overall, we want to make information that’s often kept in silos accessible to all.”

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