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1) What is the default location ansible looks to find module_utils?
2) Is it true most versions of the sshpass do not deal particularly well with BSD login
3) In Ansible, Is it possible to use multiple inventory files at the same time ?
4) How to control whether an ansible playbook should prompt for the vault password or
5) What is the use of Ansible?
6) What ansible tower provides ?
7) How to check whether package is installed or not ?
8) Is it possible to configure the settings via environment variables?
9) Is it true command module doesn't support shell variables, pipes or quotes?
10) How to control whether an ansible playbook should prompt for a sudo password or not?
11) How to reboot all the system in a group ?
12) How to check the connectivity of all the nodes?
13) What is the filename where we store all the hosts ip ?
14) What is Ansible?
15) Is it possible to assign the permission mode of the remote host?
16) Where the ansible log exist?
17) In which folder of the remote hosts we need to store the public key of the controlling
machine ?
18) How to transfer a file to multiple servers ?
19) How to disable the deprecating warnings?
20) What is the goal of the Ansible?
21) How to gather ad-hoc information about your system ?
22) How to control whether an ansible playbook should prompt for a password or not?
23) What is the name of the plugins which is used to log activity from the command line and
send notifications?
24) what would happen if we keep the value of internal_poll_interval high?
25) What is an ad-hoc command?
26) What is the name of the configuration file of ansible?
27) How to check whether the service is started or not on all the webservers ?
28) How to remove the user of the same name from the multiple hosts ?
29) Why we use ad-hoc command instead of the playbook?
30) Using which option we can run parallel processes to spawn when communicating with
remote hosts?



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