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What is the SQS default visibility time?


What is the maximum size of Amazon SNS message?


SQS supports which of the order of message delivery?


What is a Dead Letter Queue (DLQs)?


How will a domain’s zone apex, point towards an Elastic Load Balancer, example, “”?

6) What is the limit to the number of domains can be manage using Amazon Route 53?

What are the different delivery formats/transports for receiving notifications?(Choose 4)

8) In what format, data can be sent in SQS message?

Does SNS use the pull mechanism to send and receive messages?


What happens when you create a topic on Amazon SNS?


A customer needs to capture all client connection information from their load balancer every five minutes. The company wants to use this data for analyzing traffic patterns and troubleshooting their applications. Which of the following options meets the customer requirements?


What is the option clients can use of SNS for receiving messages on specific areas?

13) What is the maximum timeout value for long pooling by default?
14) What is the difference between SQS Long and Short polling?

What application service allows you to decouple your infrastructure using messaged based queues?


What AWS Service used to register a domain names?


How can I use health checks to verify that my web server is returning the correct content?


Does by default, EC2 instances pull SQS messages from an SQS queue on a FIFO (First In First out) basis?


What does DNS failover support ?


Does SNS deliver some messages more then once?


What are the messaging services available in AWS?(Choose 2)

22) In SQS, Is it possible to receive a previously received message again?

Which Amazon web service gives you access to a queue where messages are stored while waiting for a computer to process?


Does Amazon SQS ensure the delivery of each message at least once?


Which other AWS Services can SNS be used with?(Choose 2)

26) What is the limit to the number of hosted zones does Amazon Route 53 provision?

Does AWS provide the ability to group SQS messages into batches?

28) What is the difference between SNS and SQS?

How many metadata attributes does SQS support for a message?

30) True or False: The Domain and a Hosted Zone are same.

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