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A company is building two tier web application to serve dynamic transaction-based content. The data tier is leveraging an Online Transactional Processing (OLTP) database. What services should you leverage to enable an elastic and scalable web tier?

2) Which of the following is a highly available, scalable deployment model for a web service?
3) Which DNS record types does Amazon Route 53 support?(Choose 2)

You manually launch a NAT AMI in a public subnet. The network is properly configured. Security groups and network access control lists are property configured. Instances in a private subnet can access the NAT. The NAT can access the Internet. However private instances cannot access the Internet. What additional step is required to allow access from the private instances?

5) What is Domain Name System (DNS) service?

The instance type needs to be changed for running instance in your application tier that is using Auto Scaling. Which area would help change the instance type definition?

7) Does Route53 support zone apex records (or naked domain names)?

When launching your instance, you need to specify parameters for configuring your instance. Which feature you would use?


Your web application front end consists of multiple EC2 instances behind an Elastic Load Balancer. You configured ELB to perform health checks on these EC2 instances, if an instance fails to pass health checks, which statement will be true?

10) Does Amazon Route 53 also provide website hosting?

When using Elastic IP address, AWS user will pay premium for an Elastic IP address, during which below scenario?


How can I point my zone apex at my AWS Elastic Load Balancer, what Route 53 Record Type can be used for it?


While launching an instance to a VPC subnet with the network ACL it has been configured to allow all inbound traffic and deny all outbound traffic. The same instance’s security group is configured to allow SSH from any IP address and deny all outbound traffic. What changes should be made to allow SSH access to the instance?


How does AWS Direct Connect differ from Hardware VPN? (Choose 2)


A customer needs corporate IT governance and cost oversight of all AWS resources consumed by its divisions. The divisions want to maintain administrative control of the discrete AWS resources they consume and keep those resources separate from the resources of other divisions. Which of the following options, when used together will support the autonomy/control of divisions while enabling corporate IT to maintain governance and cost oversight? (Choose 2)


You have an environment that consists of a public subnet using Amazon VPC and 3 instances that are running in this subnet. These three instances can successfully communicate with other hosts on the Internet. You launch a fourth instance in the same subnet, using the same AMI and security group configuration you used for the others, but find that this instance cannot be accessed from the internet. What should you do to enable Internet access?


A company has configured and peered two VPCs: VPC-1 and VPC-2. VPC-1 contains only private subnets and VPC-2 contains only public subnets. The company uses a single AWS Direct Connect connection and private virtual interface to connect their on-premises network with VPC-1. Which two methods increases the fault tolerance of the connection to VPC-1? (Choose 2)

18) Why did Amazon AWS name its DNS services “Route 53”?
19) Does Route 53 support MX Records?

You have an EC2 Security Group with several running EC2 instances. You change the Security Group rules to allow inbound traffic on a new port and protocol and launch several net instances in the same Security Group. The new rules apply:

21) Which of the following statements are true about placement groups? (Choose 4)

A customer is running a multi-tier web application farm in a virtual private cloud (VPC) that is not connected to their corporate network. They are connecting to the VPC over the Internet to manage all of their Amazon EC2 instances running in both the public and private subnets. They have only authorized the bastion-security-group with Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) access to the application instance security groups, but the company wants to further limit administrative access to all of the instances in the VPC. Which of the following Bastion deployment scenarios will meet this requirement?


You have multiple EC2 instances running as a cluster within a single Availability Zone. You have noticed some latency issues and you want to provide the lowest latency, and the highest packet-per-second network performance? Which following feature should you use?


Your company is in IT field with its production environment in AWS. The production environment consists of 4 identical web servers that are launched from a standard Amazon linux AMI. All the web servers are launched in to the same public subnet and belong to the same security group. All web servers sit behind the same ELB. You recently launched 5th EC2 instance in to the same subnet and same security group. But the 5th instance does not reachable from the Internet. What could be the cause of this?


What are the different routing policies available in Route 53?(Choose 2)


Which of the following features ensures even distribution of traffic to Amazon EC2 instances in multiple Availability Zones registered with a load balancer?


Your company runs a customer facing event registration site This site is built with a 3-tier architecture with web and application tier servers and a MySQL database The application requires 6 web tier servers and 6 application tier servers for normal operation, but can run on a minimum of 65% server capacity and a single MySQL database. When deploying this application in a region with three availability zones (AZs) which architecture provides high availability?


When launching your instance, you need to run a scripts after the instance starts. Which feature you would use?

29) Does AWS services provide facility to point Zone Apex to Elastic Load Balancer?

You have launched an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance into a public subnet with a primary private IP address assigned, an internet gateway is attached to the VPC, and the public route table is configured to send all Internet-based traffic to the Internet gateway. The instance security group is set to allow all outbound traffic but cannot access the internet. Why is the Internet unreachable from this instance?

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