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1) Is it possible to assign multiple IP addresses to an instance?
2) Is it possible to peering a VPC from different regions?
3) How an EC2 instance running within your VPC can be secured?
4) What is the limit of Elastic IP address per region ?
5) How do EC2 instances in a VPC access the Internet?
6) Can security group span multiple regions?
7) Is it possible to get history of Elastic Load Balancing API calls made on my Account?
8) How many VPC’s are allowed inside a AWS Region?

Amazon’s highly scalable DNS service is known as?


Security groups act like a firewall at the instance level. What is the additional layer of security that act at the subnet level?


You are running a personal finance website hosted on AWS East 1 region with fleet of EC2 servers. Each EC2 server is installed with LAMP stack and contains application property files and custom configurations. You would like to build similar infrastructure on US West Oregon region for disaster recovery support. You created a Amazon Machine Image (AMIs) from your existing EC2 servers. However, when you try to launch an EC2 instance in US West Oregon region, you can’t fine the AMIs that you have created. How to get EC2 instances launched in US West Oregon region without building them from scratch?

12) What are the components of VPC? (Choose 4)
13) Can Subnet span over Availability Zones?
14) What is a VPC?
15) Can VPC be addressed from IPv6 IP address ranges?
16) What does VPC stand for?

Your Company has its media transcoding Application running on EC2. EC2 retrieves encoding jobs from SQS to process. The application has the ability to recover if terminated suddenly. What is the most cost effect instance type for this work?

18) How many internet gateways can I attach to an custom VPC ?

What steps required to delete a snapshot of the root device of an EBS volume used by a registered AMI?

20) An Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) is a component of which AWS service?
21) Which of the below is stateful?
22) What is the most important difference between stateful and stateless filtering in VPC?
23) How many subnets can be created in a VPC?
24) How AWS charges for using VPC?

What is the URI to view all categories of instance metadata from within a running instance?


I have a Elastic IP address allocated to me 6 months ago , currently its not associated with any instance , Will i be charged for Elastic IP ?


You are using an m1.small EC2 Instance with one 300 GB EBS volume to host a relational database. You determined that write throughput to the database needs to be increased. Which of the following approaches can help achieve this? (Choose 2)

28) What is the use of NAT gateway ?
29) Which are the protocols Elastic Load Balancing support? (choose 2)

How can an EBS volume that is currently attached to an EC2 instance be migrated from one Availability Zone to another?

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