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1) What type of AMI Virtualization used by T2 Instances?
2) Are spot instances available in all regions?

Does it require to specify an availability zone for my instances in order to take advantage of my reservations?

4) What is the GPU instances best used for ? (Select 2)
5) What is the storage type High I/O instance uses?
6) Can reserve instance be moved from one region to another region?

When an EC2 instance that is backed by an S3-based AMI is terminated, what happens to the data on the root volume?

8) What are the different ways in which I can purchase an instance? (Choose 2)

Your are deploying an application that requires very high random I/O performance, and high IOPS at a low cost. What kind of EC2 instance type you should select for this application?


Is encryption possible for Amazon EBS volumes and snapshots?


You have your 10 TB of archival data that needs to be migrate to Amazon Glacier. You have an 1-Mbps connection to the Internet. What service will provides the economical and fastest method of getting the data into Amazon Glacier?


A client application requires operating system privileges on a relational database server. What is an appropriate configuration for a highly available database architecture?


What charges will apply when someone making a copy of your Amazon EBS shared snapshot?


Which procedure should you use for backing up a relational database on EC2 that is using a set of RAlDed EBS volumes? The procedure should minimize the time during which the database cannot be written to and results in a consistent backup?


How will you get best disk performance, when you install MySQL database on EC2 and maximizing the disk IO for this instance?


What would happens to the data on the root volume when an EC2 instance is terminated which is backed by instance store volumes?

17) Which operating systems are not available as Spot instances?

Your EC2 is running an MySQL Database. Instance has a 1 TB EBS magnetic storage volume. You notice that the writes are very slow. What can help improve the write performance?

19) True or False: You must launch your T2 instances using an EBS volume as the root device.
20) How many Reserved Instances in a Availability Zone can I purchase?

Which EC2 API call would you use to attach an EBS volume to an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance?


Customer has a spot instance and when its price moves higher than a customer’s maximum price, the customer’s instance will be shut down by Amazon EC2. How will the customer be charged at this point?


You have audio transcoding application running on Amazon EC2. Each time instance runs it polls a queue to find out which audio should be transcoded, and then runs a the transcoding process. When the process is interrupted, the audio will be transcoded by another instance based on the queuing system. You have a large backlog of audios which need to be transcoded and you need to additional instances to reduce the backlog. These instances will only be required until the backlog is reduced. What cost effective instance type can be used to reduce the backlog in a shortest time?


I have a Amazon EC2 instances which is attached to a Auto Scaling Group, what will happen to it if the auto scaling group is deleted?


Under what circumstances can I purchase a reserved instances and apply those credits to On-Demand instances that I intend to purchase in the future?

26) When creation of an EBS snapshot is initiated, but not completed, the EBS volume:
27) What is the advantage of using EBS backed instead of instance store backed EC2 instance?

Your company currently has a 2-tier web application running in an on-premises data center. You have experienced several infrastructure failures in the past two months resulting in significant financial losses. Your CIO is strongly agreeing to move the application to AWS. While working on achieving buy-in from the other company executives, he asks you to develop a disaster recovery plan to help improve Business continuity in the short term. He specifies a target Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of 4 hours and a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of 1 hour or less. He also asks you to implement the solution within 2 weeks. Your database is 200GB in size and you have a 20Mbps Internet connection. How would you do this while minimizing costs?


You were using t2.small instance to host a database of your application. After few months, you have noticed performance issues with your database very often. What will you do to improve the performance of your database? (Choose 2)


Which Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud feature can you query from within the instance to access instance properties?

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