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Your transport company has its benefits application running on an EC2 Instance which will allow your users to download files from a private S3 bucket using a pre-assigned URL. To generate the URL the benefits application will need to verify the existence of the file in S3. How will the benefit application use AWS credentials to ensure securely access of the S3 bucket?

2) Can I delete a snapshot of an EBS Volume that is used as the root device of a registered AMI?

What is a big differentiation factor between local instance store and Elastic Block storage for the root device?


A client application requires operating system privileges on a relational database server. What is an appropriate configuration for such database server?

5) What would a placement group is ideal for?
6) Can you attach an EBS volume to more than one EC2 instance at the same time?
7) Which of the following are use cases for Amazon DynamoDB? (Choose 4)
8) Which type of instances does support Enhanced Networking?(Choose 2)
9) Select valid instance types from below (Choose 2)

If I have two instances in different availability zones, how will I be charged for regional data transfer?

11) I have a volume which is attached to by running instance in order to make a snapshot of the volume, what is the ideal process in order to have consistency of the volume to be maintained in the snapshot.?

You are designing a gaming application using MS SQL Server RDS instance as your back end. You are expecting a large amount of game and user data will be stored in this database after 3 months. You allocated 250 GB storage to start with, and planning to add more when needed . What is the risk in above design?


Amazon’s data warehouse tool Redshift uses block storage which is done in columns, what is the block size which Redshift uses?


How is data transferred between AWS services in different region charged?


EBS Snapshots are backed up to S3 in what manner?


True or False: When you add a rule to a DB security group, you need to specify port number or protocol.


Do Amazon EBS volumes persist independently from the life of an Amazon EC2 instance, for example, if I terminated an EC2 instance, would that EBS volume remain?

18) Can a placement group deployed across multiple Availability Zones?

Your company is ready to deploy a new two-tier web application in AWS. Your company has limited staff and requires high availability, and the application requires complex queries and table joins. Which of the below configuration provides the solution for the your company’s requirements?

20) Enhanced Networking is only supported in which of the following prerequisites?(Choose2)

Does EC2 use ECC memory?

22) Can you attach multiple volumes to an instance ?

What is needed to be done when required to have Amazon EBS volume to persist Outside the life of the instance?


You plan to host a large sale for your store anniversary website on Amazon Web Services (AWS). You are expecting huge traffic and the unexpected amount of traffic which is expected to create large number of database writes. To ensure that you will not drop any writes to a database hosted on AWS. Which service should be used?

25) While creating the snapshots using the command line tools, which command should I be using?

In Amazon RDS, What is the maximum number of days you can retain the automated backups?

27) Which volume is ideal for data which is accessed infrequently with best lowest storage cost?

You are configuring your company’s application to use Auto Scaling and need to move user state information. Which of the following AWS services provides a shared data store with durability and low latency?


Does Placement groups help EC2 instances that require high network throughput and low latency across a single availability zone ?


What AWS service do you use to store session-state data of your application?

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