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Does DynamoDB has a limit to data that can be stored ?


What are the temporary security credentials?

3) What is the minimum throughput I can provision for a single DynamoDB table?
4) What is the consistency model of Amazon DynamoDB?

A photo-sharing service stores pictures in Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and allows application sign-in using an OpenID Connect-compatible identity provider. Which AWS Security Token Service approach to temporary access should you use for the Amazon S3 operations?


A company needs to deploy services to an AWS region which they have not previously used. The company currently has an AWS identity and Access Management (IAM) role for the Amazon EC2 instances, which permits the instance to have access to Amazon DynamoDB. The company wants their EC2 instances in the new region to have the same privileges. How should the company achieve this?


How can IAM user sign in?

8) What is the maximum throughput I can provision for a single DynamoDB table?

You are working for a research project in a leading pharmaceutical organization. Your CTO decided to hire a third-party company called Miinfosys to monitor your AWS account and help optimize costs. In order to track your daily spending, Miinfosys needs to access your AWS resources. Miinfosys also monitors many other AWS accounts for other customers including your competitors. What is the highly recommended best practice to implement this?

10) What data types does DynamoDB support?

You launch an Amazon EC2 instance without an assigned identity and Access Management (IAM) role. Later, you decide that the instance should be running with an IAM role. Which action must you take in order to have a running Amazon EC2 instance with an IAM role assigned to it?


When you replicate data from your primary RDS instance to your secondary RDS instance, what is the charge?


Can i change the permissions to a role, even if that role is already assigned to an existing EC2 instance, and these changes will take effect immediately?


In AWS S3, User A has created bucket X and gives permissions to User B to access the bucket. User B upload an object to bucket X, sets its storage class to RRS and encrypts the object using SSE-S3. User A then tries to download the object. He get an “Access denied” message. What you should do to provide access to User A?


What AWS service would you use primarily for data warehousing?

16) When you add a rule to an RDS security group, Do you need to specify a port number or protocol?

What is the default expiration for the temporary credentials for IAM User ?

18) When using DynamoDB, Do you need to replicate data for durability and backup?

What happens to the I/O operations while you take a database snapshot on a Single-AZ DB instance ?


The system at your organization experienced down time. During the troubleshooting process it was found that system administrator mistakenly terminated several production EC2 instances. What measures should be taken in order to avoid similar situation in the future?


Which of the following are AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) entities?


When you create an IAM user, what permission does it have?


Your payroll application writes employee salary information into DynamoDB table. You are getting an error with certain data and would like to verify the actual data entered in the DynamoDB table to confirm that the data written was correct. How can you do this?(Choose 2)


What is the difference between IAM user and IAM role?


Which AWS service is best suited for non relational databases?


Which AWS DB platform is most suitable for OLTP?


In RDS when using multiple availability zones, Is it possible to use the secondary database “standby” as an independent read replica when needed?

28) What cross-region replication modes are supported in DynamoDB?

What AWS service consists of the following database services; SQL, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Aurora, Oracle?


You have a corporate client who wants to setup and grant federated access to the AWS Management Console to all employees. The client wants the employees to be able to use single sign on (SSO) where they are authenticated using a corporate identity managed by Windows Active Directory. In addition, the client wants their employees to access the AWS Management Console without having to supply AWS credentials. What are the important steps to enable federation using windows AD and SAML? (Choose 2)

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