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What is an Amazon VPC Endpoint for Amazon S3?


How can data be replicated in different AWS Region?


You have a small business and are considering moving to AWS services and do not yet have an account. What is the first thing your company should do to set up an AWS Account?

4) What is the major Difference between IAM group and IAM role?

Can a user independently subscribe to AWS services or control resources?


You are designing a web application that stores static assets in an Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket. You expect this bucket to immediately receive over 150 PUT requests per second. What should you do to ensure optimal performance?


You work as AWS admin in a software development organization. You have two AWS accounts: Production account is where live applications are managed, and the Development account is a sandbox where developers perform integration testing of applications. You have 30 IAM users who belongs to Development account and access resources there. In those 30, From time to time, 3 users should have access to update the live applications in the Production account. What is the best approach to provide access to these 3 users to resources that are in Production account?


AWS users are defined regionally ?


You are a security administrator working for a hotel chain. You have a new member of staff who has started as a systems administrator and they will need full access to the AWS console. You have created the user account and generated the access key id and the secret access key. You have moved this user into the group where the other administrators are and you have provided the new user with their secret access key and their access key id. However when they go to log in to the AWS console, they cannot sign in. What could be the cause of this?


You run an ad-supported photo sharing website using S3 to serve photos to visitors of your site. At some point you find out that other sites have been linking to the photos on your site causing loss to your business. What is an effective method to mitigate this?


have EC2 instance running ,I have a IAM role attached to it . I want to change the privileges and access to the EC2 instance by attaching another role. Is it possible to remove existing role and attach a new one for my running instance?


You need to create new users to access the AWS console and to set password rotation policies for these new users. Which AWS service would best fit your requirements?

13) What instance type or Amazon Machine Image can I use with IAM roles for EC2 instances?

Your company has a marketing campaign utilizing spot EC2 instances as and when they meet a certain price point. These EC2 instances will analyses data and the output their analysis to the root volume. You need to store this data in a persistent form to ensure data is not lost when the spot instance is terminated. What will be the lowest cost service for data storage?


What are the advantages of using IAM role?(Choose 2)


What is the best way to define IAM?


You are working on your research project and need to upload files to S3 for completed papers. What HTTP code would help indicate that the files upload was successful stored in S3?


Where can a user access SSH keys?


Can an IAM role be associated with a Auto Scaling group?


What is the HTTP status code after successful write of an object in S3 bucket?


Can we have multiple policies attached to an IAM role?


In which language are AIM policy document written in ?


How many IAM roles can be created in AWS account?


How much extra bytes are required for index and metadata for identification and retrieve data in S3?

25) Which is NOT a feature of IAM?

Your IT based application spreads across multiple web servers and the incoming traffic is balanced by an elastic load balancer (ELB). Your IT application allows users to upload images and audio. Currently, each server stores the uploaded data locally, and a background task synchronizes the data between various servers. The issue you are facing is that , the synchronization task you have can no longer keep up with the number of data uploaded. What change should you to enable, so that all web servers have a place to store and read images at the same time?


How many IAM role can I associate with a running EC2 instance?


What is the key value storage service in AWS for larger objects at reduced cost?


What extra step can be taken to secure IAM for both the root login and new users alike?


You are a solutions architect working for a large engineering company who are moving their existing legacy hardware to AWS. You have configured their first AWS account and you have set up IAM. Your company will be primarily based out of West Germany, however they will have a small subsidiary operating out of South Korea and you will need an AWS environment configured there as well. Which of the following statements is true?

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