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1) What does RRS stand for in S3?

What is Amazon Glacier?

3) What consistency model does Amazon S3 employ?

Where would be a durable place to store flat files on the AWS platform?


What is the durability on S3?


You are working for a video game startup. Your team develops few software drivers which are needed for the games . They frequently test them using fleet of EC2 servers with ELB. For every software build, you create this test infrastructure, deploy the build and destroy the whole infrastructure after the testing is done. Your manager wants to automate this process. What AWS services you would consider? (Choose 2)


You work for a IT company who currently store their data on premise. your company is looking to migrate to AWS S3 and to store their data in buckets. Each bucket will be named after their individual customers, followed by a random series of letters and numbers. Once written to S3 the data is rarely changed, as it has already been sent to the end customer for them to use as they see fit. However on some occasions, customers may need certain files updated quickly, and this may be for work that has been done months or even years ago. You would need to be able to access this data immediately to make changes in that case, but you must also keep your storage costs extremely low. The data is not easily reproducible if lost. Which S3 storage class should you choose to minimize costs and to maximize retrieval times?


Which AWS service would be the best choice for long term data archival?


How does Simple AD differ from AD Connector? (Choose 2)


What type of data can we store on S3?

11) What are the different storage classes S3 offers?( Choose 3)

S3 has eventual consistency for which HTTP Methods?


What is the maximum number of Amazon S3 buckets in AWS account?

14) The difference between S3 and EBS is that EBS is object based where as S3 is block based?

What is the durability on RRS?


How much data can you store in S3?


What is the availability on S3?


How can you delete large numbers of objects from S3 bucket ?


What is the minimum file size that I can store on S3?


What are data encryption available for S3 at server side? (Select 3)


You work for a health insurance company who collects large amounts of documents regarding patients health records. This data will be used usually only once when assessing a customer and will then need to be securely stored for a period of 9 years. In some rare cases you may need to retrieve this data within 36 hours of a claim being lodged. Which storage solution would best suit this scenario? You need to keep your costs as low as possible?


You want to create an S3 bucket with the name “mycloudacct1234” in the EU East region. What would be the URL for this bucket?


You are a solutions architect who works with a large IT company. The company has decided that they want to operate within the Japanese region and they need a bucket called “myownbucket” set up immediately to test their web application on. You log in to the AWS console and try to create this bucket in the Japanese region however you are told that the bucket name is already taken. What should you do to resolve this?

24) How is Amazon S3 Data Organized?

What is the largest object of data which can be uploaded in a single PUT?

26) S3 has what consistency model for PUTS of new objects?

You run a meme creation website that frequently generates meme images. The original images are stored in S3 and the meta data about the memes are stored in DynamoDB. You need to store the memes themselves in a low cost storage solution. If an object is lost, you have created a Lambda function that will automatically recreate this meme using the original file in S3 and the metadata in Dynamodb. Which storage solution should you consider to store this non-critical, easily reproducible data on in the most cost effective solution as possible?


What is the availability on RRS?


What does S3 stand for?


You need to use an Object based storage solution to store your critical, non replaceable data in a cost effective way. This data will be frequently updated and will need some form of version control enabled on it. Which S3 storage solution should you use?

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