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1) Which of the following are sections in an AWS Cloud Formation template?(Choose 4)
2) Which services allow the customer to retain full administrative privileges of the underlying EC2 instances? (Choose 2)
3) What features does Amazon Elastic Beanstalk support? (Choose 4)
4) One of your client launching a marketing campaign for new beauty product. They have used multiple social media channels including Facebook, YouTube and leading blogs. The client wants to collect all feedback and comments from these sources and aggregate into single data stream and build custom applications that process or analyze streaming data for pushing leads into the funnel and start targeting their prospects. Which AWS service do you use?
5) You are working with a customer who is using Chef configuration management in their data center. Which service is designed to let the customer leverage existing Chef recipes in AWS?
6) What are the different AWS support plans available?
7) How long Is the CloudWatch metrics data accessible for a terminated Amazon EC2 instance or a deleted Elastic Load Balancer?
8) What is the main difference between CloudWatch and CloudTrail? (Choose 2)
9) How best can you differentiate between CloudFormation & Elastic Beanstalk?
10) Select valid use cases for tagging your AWS resources (Choose 2)
11) You have your media files and you need to convert your media files in to different formats to suit different devices. Which AWS service should you consider using to meet these needs?
12) Which AWS compute service is specifically designed to assist you in processing large data sets?
13) What is the minimum time interval what Amazon cloud watch receives and aggregates?
14) Which AWS service is specifically designed for developers to upload their code to and then it will automatically handle the provisioning of those resources that are required to host that code?
15) You are building a healthcare application for an entire country. The server farm includes 200 web servers and 30 DB servers. Your client wants to consolidate their log streams including webserver access, errors, application transactions and security errors in one single system. Once consolidated, the customer wants to analyze these logs in real time and present them to centralized dashboard and produce Acyclic Graphs. From time to time, the customer needs to validate log data for trouble shooting, which requires going back to data from the last 12 to 24 hours?
16) What is an AWS region?
17) Your organization is using Direct Connect. You have multiple business divisions sharing the same direct connect connection. How do you track the usage and spread the cost of Direct Connect among divisions?
18) Which statement best describes Availability Zones?
19) You need to supply auditors with logs as to who provision which resources on your AWS platform. Which service would you select?
20) What are the following AWS services integrated with Key Management Service (KMS)? (Choose 4)
21) A customer has a single 3-TB volume on-premises that is used to hold a large repository of images and print layout files. This repository is growing at 500 GB a year and must be presented as a single logical volume. The customer is becoming increasingly constrained with their local storage capacity and wants an off-site backup of this data, while maintaining low-latency access to their frequently accessed data. Also the customer would like to keep the recently written data locally for quick edits. Which AWS Storage Gateway configuration meets the customer requirements?
22) Amazon’s Elasticache uses which two engines?
23) What HTTP response code indicates that an AWS REST API call is successful?
24) Which AWS service uses CDN to distribute content around the world?
25) What is AWS Storage Gateway?
26) What AWS service is used for collating large amounts of data streamed from multiple sources?
27) Which AWS service allows you to run code without having to worry about provisioning any underlying resources (such as virtual machines, databases etc)?
28) What AWS services should be used to record logs of all AWS API calls?
29) You need a configuration management service to allow your system administrators to configure and operate your web applications using Chef. Which AWS service would best suit your needs?
30) What does an AWS Region consist of?

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