Veritas Training ( VxVM + VCS ) – Self Paced Video Learning

What is this Training Package ?

In Machine Critical Enterprise Server Environment, storage management and high availability are the two major requirements. These requirements are very dynamic in nature and require very efficient man power to carry out day to day tasks related to them. Acquiring these skills will surely give a boost to sysadmin career.

In this two week long, hands-on webex live training , students will acquire the skills related Storage Foundation 6.1 and Storage Foundation High Availability 6.1 for Unix ( VxVM , VxFS and VCS Administration).

This Course is designed for beginner level students with prior UNIX and Linux experience, and trains them to the level they can carry level-2 operations in an Enterprise Level machine critical Environment.

Course format

  • Self Paced Video Learning


  • As the name suggest, this course is for unix and linux engineers who are pursuing their careers in Machine critical Enteprise level production environment.
  • Each student required to setup their labs on their personal laptop/laptop , as per the instructions given by Instructor.
  • System Configuration for the Lab : Minimum of 4GB RAM + 50 GB of Disk space Free

Course Benefits

When you enroll in this program, your get the following benefits

    • One Year unlimted Access to Course Videos
    • Experienced Instructors : This training will be delivered by highly experienced Instructors with more than decade of experience in machine critical production environment.
    • 30 hours recorded Videos Sessions on all aspects of storge foundation and cluster administration right from the basics to intermediate level concepts
    • Email followups , Course Notes and Reference documents : Download study and lecture notes, lab assignments used for course delivery

Course Fees

Foreign currency payments for Veritas Training Package

( all international credit cards / Paypal payment accepted)

Course Fees : $119 USD


Click here for Payment Instructions via Pay Pal

Indian Currency Payment for Veritas Training Package

( All indian bank credit cards/ debit cards/ net banking payments accepted)

Course Fees : Rs. 7200/-


Click here for Payment Instructions via SBI Collect



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3 Responses

  1. hari says:

    As part of the VCS cluster configuration, What storage is going to configure and how the stoage is going to configure. are we going to configure iofencing as part of the training.

  2. Mithun Bhattacharjee says:

    Hi Sir / Madam,

    If possible , can you arrange for a demo session?

    Mithun B

  3. Swapnil Kalbhor says:

    Hello Sir, Are you still conducting these sessions? I’m interested in learning VXVM & VCS, is it possible to arrange a demo.



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