Solaris Administration Package ( Self Paced Video Learning )

What is this Membership for?

Solaris Associate Membership will give you access to our On-Demand Video Learning Solaris Courses for one year. The Solaris Associate Membership includes Several Courses that are related to Solaris Operating System and you can access all of them for one year. As part of these Courses, you can access our Scenario Based Training Videos ,Class room Forums, Interview based assignment and exercises in a Structured and Comprehensive manner.

Who is this Membership for?

This Course aimed for the people who are already working as Junior level IT engineers, Desktop Engineer, Customer Care and Tech Support engineers aiming for Solaris Administration roles in Enterprise Environment. And these courses are not recommended for the absolute beginners who doesn’t know any thing about Operating Systems.

What Courses are Covered as Part of this Membership?

Below are the Course that will be covered as part of Solaris Associate Membership.

little more about the the training:


Fee Information



What is 30 days Money back Guarantee?

During the first 30 days of your membership, if you think this membership is not for you ,then please write to us for the refund so that we can refund the membership amount with no questions asked.

Any More Questions or Help required?

you can submit the form in the right side, or just write to me at





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