How to scan for disks with Storage Foundation for UNIX and Linux

When adding new disks to a Storage Foundation configuration, separate scans are required by the operating system (OS) and by the Storage Foundation application. This post provides information about the commands and procedures that may be used to scan for disks.


Commands that are used by Storage Foundation to update itself with information about devices that are visible to the OS

Command Description
vxdisk scandisks Refreshes the DMP device tree with information drawn from the current system device listings, updating devices that have changed and registering new, previously undiscovered devices.

Note: This command does not replace the need to scan for devices using the commands that are provided by the OS.

vxdctl <-f> enable
  1. Runs vxdisk scandisks.
  2. Sets vxconfigd to the “enabled” state, if it is not already enabled.

Note: Adding “-f” limits the rescan to new devices.


Procedures that can be used to scan for new devices, organized by platform

Note: Most of the commands below are not Veritas commands and may vary depending on the version of the platform. This table is provided as a convenience and should not be regarded as authoritative. Review the official documentation from the vendors of the respective platforms to confirm the correct usage of these commands.

 Platform  Procedure
AIX 1. cfgmgr -v
2. vxdctl -f enable
HP-UX 1. ioscan -fnC disk
2. insf -C disk
3. vxdctl -f enable
Linux 1. /usr/bin/
2. vxdctl -f enable
Solaris 1. cfgadm -c configure <controller>
2. devfsadm -Cv
3. vxdctl -f enable


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