What did we post in September-2015

How are you doing?

Below is the quick recap of posts that we published in September

2 Video Posts :

Video Post – A peek through our Red Hat Enterprise Linux – 7 Administration Course

Video Post – Solaris Patching Strategy

13 Scripting Related Resources

Mastering Grub – Part 1 – Introduction and Overview of Grub Boot Loader

Mastering Grub – Part 2 – Grub Configurations

Mastering GrUB – Part 3 – Grub Booting and Images

Mastering GrUB – Part 4 – Grub Configuration Syntax and Commands

Mastering Grub – Part 5 – Grub Security

Mastering GrUB – Part 6 – Invoking Grub Commands

awk or gawk reference

100+ Perl One Liners

Part 1 – Mastering Sed – Introduction , Invocation and Programs

Part 2 – Mastering SED – Usage Examples

Part 1 – Mastering GREP – Introduction and Invoking

Part 2 – Mastering Grep – Regular Expressions

Part 3 – Mastering Grep – Usage Examples

6 Linux Articles

4 Linux Commands to Format File Content

5 Linux Command to Summarize file Contents

4 Linux Command to Display Selected Parts of File Contents

5 Commands to view Linux File Content

Working with Parted – Linux Partition tool

Working with dracut in RHEL7

we have already released one Unix Magazine for this month

Unix Magazine – Oct 5, 2015

In addition to above articles, we have also introduced a new site section called ” How to use the website ” which will take you the to the skill based information centers where you can easily find the information that you want.

Below are the information centers that we have at unixadminschool.com :

Solaris Hardware Information Center

Solaris Booting Information Center

Solaris Disks and SVM Information Center

Solaris Packages and Patches Information Center

Solaris Kernel Information Center

Solaris Basic Networking Information Center

Solaris IPMP Information Center

Solaris Performance Information Center

Solaris ZFS Information Center

Solaris SMF Information Center

Solaris Zones and LDOMS Information Center

Solaris NFS Information Center

Solaris DNS Information Center

Solaris Send Mail Information Center

Solaris NIS Information Center

Solaris 11 Administration Information Center

Linux Administration Information Center

Storage Configuration information Center

VxVM Information Center

VCS information Center






I have started unixadminschool.com ( aka gurkulindia.com) in 2009 as my own personal reference blog, and later sometime i have realized that my leanings might be helpful for other unixadmins if I manage my knowledge-base in more user friendly format. And the result is today's' unixadminschool.com. You can connect me at - https://www.linkedin.com/in/unixadminschool/

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