How to Change the Oracle VM Server for SPARC (Ldoms) Primary/Control Domain’s UUID

Sometimes it might be required to  change UUID of Primary or control domain, when they were created using disk clone for system duplication. Below procedure can be used to change the UUID

    1. Backup all of your current LDOMs configuration.
    2. Switch to the “factory-default” configuration:
      # ldm set-config factory-default
    3. Gracefully shut down the guest domains by logging into each of them and issuing init 0 or the shutdown command.
    4. Stop ldmd:
      # svcadm disable -t ldmd
    5. Remove or rename the /var/opt/SUNWldm/ldom-db.xml and /var/opt/SUNWldm/ldom-db-delreconf.bak files
    6. Shut the system down:
      # init 0
    7. Reset the system from the SC:
        -> reset /SYS
    8. Boot the system if it is not configured to auto-boot
    9. Verify you now have a new UUID on your primary domain.
    10. Restore your domain configuration as per the documentation referenced in point 1 above.



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