VxVM Information Center

VxVM Beginners Learning

Read – VxVM Beginner’s Lesson

Read – VxVM Learning with Commands and Examples

Read – What is new in VxSF 6.0

Read – Important Definitions of VxVM

Read – VxVM Volume States and Plex States
Read – Veritas Plex state Transition

VxVM How-to Operations

Read – How to manage VxVM Dynamic Multi Pathing ( DMP) using vxdmpadm?
Read – How to remove a disk from vxvm using vxdiskunsetup?
Read – What is the meaning of VxVM Exit Codes?
Read – How to get Veritas Volume Accessibility and Usability information using vxinfo?
Read – How to Get Information about current Veritas DMP devices?
Read – How to Configure a Veritas Disk using vxdisksetup?
Read – How to manage Veritas Diskgroups with vxdg command?
Read – How to display Default VxVM Configuration values
Read – How to Interpret veritas Configuration Daemon (vxconfigd) States from vxdctl output?
Read – How to restore simple or nopriv disk access records in VxVM , using vxdarestore ?
Read – How to Enable vxconfigd log for dedugging?
Read – How to Backup and Restore the VxVM DiskGroup Configuration?
Read – How to Convert VxVM disks and Diskgroup to CDS compatible?
Read – How to Use Vxattachd to send notifications during VxVM disks are being Detached?
Read – How to create Veritas Volume using Vxassist, with the combination of different SAN Storage?
Read – How to Use Ordered options with vxassist command
Read – How to use ctrl ( Storage Controller) option with vxassist?
Read – How to use Vxassist to create snapshot mirrors?
Read – How to Create volume using Vxassist and vxsf_rules
Read – Resize veritas volume without using vxresize

Read – Grow VxVM Mirrored Volumes

Read – How to Remove existing filesystems from Veritas Volume Manager

Read – Veritas Disk Group Configuration – Backup and Restore

Read – Dynamic LUN expansion in Veritas Volume Manager on Solaris OS

Read – Grow a VxFS filesystem using fsadm

Read – Growing a Solaris root filesystem controlled by Veritas

VxVM Troubleshooting

Read – VXVM on Solaris ( Sparc ) – Understanding boot Failures

Read – Re-adding a failed boot disk – in case of correctable errors

Read – Troubleshooting – vxdisk list shows “online failing”
Read – Troubleshooting – Increasing the Size of Veritas Disk Private Region
Read – Recovery of DISKGROUP in VXVM (Veritas Volume Manager).
Read – Booting from an alternate boot disk
Read – Replacing a failed boot disk
Read – Resolving the Intermittent Disk errors by clearing the failing flag on a disk
Read – Procedure for disk replacement under veritas volume manager using vxdiskadm utility.
Read – Replacing rootdisk from rootdg – failing with error “Disk public region is too small”
Read – Recovering the mirrored volume with both sides of mirror components ( plexes) had Error State
Read – Disk Groups in VXVM are in Disabled State.
Read – Veritas VxVM : Fails to start after rebooting the system
Read – Recovering an unstartable mirrored volume
Read – Replacing a failed boot disk
Read – Recover Root Mirror from Backup
Read – Unable to get EMC storage Lun’s visible under veritas control in Linux.
Read – Troubleshooting – Procedure to Replace Internal FibreChannel (FC) Disks controlled by VxVM
Read – Booting Veritas root disk without VxVM, for maintenance
Read – Unable to recognize newly-added disks
Read – Resolving duplicate disk/device entries in “vxdisk list” or vxdisksetup
Read – Recovering an unstartable volume with a disabled plex in the RECOVER state

VxVM related Storage Migrations

Read – UFS to VXFS migration using vxfsconvert (Veritas Utility).
Read – Solaris Storage Configuration – EMC VMAX + POWERPATH / MPxIO + VxVM
Read – SAN Storage Migration – Solaris with VxVM
Read – Storage Operations – VxVM vs RHEL LVM2
Read – Solaris host level SAN migration from Clariion to VMAX – Hands on Lab
Read – Volume manager Migration from LVM to VxVM in Linux – Part 1
Read – Convert a UFS filesystem to VxFS filesystem ( prior to VxVM 3.4 )



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