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VCS for Beginners

Read – VCS for Beginners – Getting Started with VCS

Read – VCS for Beginners– Cluster Membership & IO Fencing

Read – VCS for Beginners – Understand Jeopardy Condition with real time scenerio

Read – VCS for Beginners – Configuring Veritas Cluster and Configuration files

Read – VCS for Beginners –  Sample Configuration to add new Service Groups

Read – VCS for Beginners –  Adding new node to the existing cluster

Read – VCS for Beginners – Sample VCS configuration with Single Oracle Instance

Read – VCS for Beginners – Configuring Private Network for veritas cluster

Read – VCS for Beginners – Starting LLT , GAB and VCS manually

Read – VCS for Beginners – verify if the VERITAS Cluster Server configuration database is open(RW) or closed(RO))

Read – VCS for Beginners – Configure /etc/llttab

Read – Disabling the VCS agent

Read – VCS for Beginners – I/O Fencing In action [ Video ]

Read – VCS for Beginners – Learn about Cluster Hearbeats

Read – VCS for Beginners – Configure GAB manually

Read – Understanding VCS Environment Variables

VCS Operations

Read –  How to Query Log Data Files using the hamsg?

Read – How to Configure vxfen driver for cluster I/O fencing using vxfenconfig?

Read – How to manage SCSI-3 disk registrations and reservations for I/O fencing using vxfenadm and vxfenclearpre?

Read – How to check network connectivity among Cluster nodes using lltping?

Read – How to Administrate VCS Service Groups using the hagrp

Read – How to view or delete VCS alerts using haalert?

Read – How to start Mount Agent in VCS using haagent.

Read – How to configure and display information about Group and Atomic Broadcast (GAB) ports

Read – How to initialize GAB disk region using gabdiskconf?

Read – How to allocate two disk heartbeating resources, one for port a (the GAB control port) and one for port h (the VCS port) using gabdiskhb.

Read – How to check the cluster node Heartbeat connectivity using dlpiping ?





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