Solaris Disks and SVM Information Center

September 1, 2015

Read – Physical disk to c#t#d# mapping by serial number

Read – SMI Label vx EFI Label

Read – replicate VTOC table to new disk using fmthard

Read – how Solaris assigns controller numbers

Read – How to Restore a Mirrored Root Configuration from Backup

Read – How to check on a running machine which disk was used to boot

Read – Everything you need to know before you run FSCK

Read – Re partitioning Drives for Operating System Upgrade

Read – Recovery procedures when BOTH sides of the mirror indicate a “Last Erred” state

Read – Disk Replacement from root Mirror

Read – Root Mirroring

Read – Grow Mirrored root under SDS / SVM

Read – Restore SDS Root mirror from the backup

Read – moving file system from one partition to another partition on the fly

Read – recover a metadevice that is in an unstable state

Read – Adding Mirror to a metadevice housing soft partitions.

Read – “device busy too long” error from sd / ssd

Read – How to Replace a Disk which contained Soft Partitions

Read – Disk replacement for Systems With Internal FCAL Drives

Read – Both Submirrors go into ‘Needs Maintenance’ when I/O is performed but no disk errors seen

Read – Solaris Storage Multipathing – MPxIO ( aka STMS, SCSI_VHCI)

Read – Diagnosis of various multipath products

Read – Solaris host level SAN migration from Clariion to VMAX – Hands on Lab

Read – San/SAS/MPXIO/STMS config files

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