Solaris NFS Information Center

Read – NFS Beginners Guide

Read – Migration from NFSv3 to NFSv4

Read – “stale NFS file handle” errors

Read – Hard vs Soft mounts

Read – ls -la hangs on root (/)

Read – error “RPC: program not registered” Errors

Read – Configuring Firewall ports for NFS

Read – error “setuid execution not allowed”

Read – error “NFS mount fails with RPC: Program not registered”

Read – error: /usr/lib/nfs/nfsd [###]: t_accept(file descriptor #/transport tcp) TLI error 7


Read – mounts in vfstab fail to mount at boot

Read – Troubleshooting Reference

Read – Error Codes for ‘NFS write error xx’ or ‘NFS read error xx’

Read – error ‘cp: cannot create : Permission denied’

Read – error “failed rpc timed out”



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