Solaris Hardware Information Center

Read – Sun Hardware Diagnosis at OBP level

Read – Oracle Hardware Models ( 3D View)

Read – Working with Solaris Server Consoles using LOM/ ILOM/ ALOM/ ELOM/ RSC

Read – ILOM ( Integrated Lights out Manager) Command Line

Read– System Controller Hung Issues

Read– 7 Ways to find CPU information from Solaris

Read– Powerdown parameter for Solaris boxes.

Read – System Controller battery Issues in T-series servers. Read

Read – Configure “Net Mgmt” or ALOM

Read – Configuring LogHost on Sun Fire 3800, 4800, 4900, 6800 and E6900

Read – Firmware upgrade in Sun Fire T1000/T2000

Read – Replace DIMMs on Sun Fire T1000/T2000

Read – Troubleshooting Power Down Issues

Read – System rebooted … is it Fatal Reset or Red State Exception ?

Read- Creating a New Domain on Sun Enterprise 10K

Read – Using “asr-disable” to disable PCI slots from OK prompt

Read – Creation of a Hardware Mirrored Volume in Solaris Servers.

Read – Check Status of Hardware RAID connected to LSI and Adaptec Storage Controllers

Read- How to Clear ILOM/SP, FMA Faults and Fault Management for T3-x and T4-x Hardware

Read – Physical disk to c#t#d# mapping by serial number

Read – System Hang Issues– Sun Fire 280R

Read – Disable the Power button on the keyboard

Read – Configuration of serial consoles (headless) for legacy Solaris server hardware

Read – How to Confirming Disk Failures in Solaris

Read – RSC Console Setup for Fire 280R, V480, V490, V880, V890 and V880z Servers

Read – Setting Solaris boot-device with luxadm command from booted OS.

Read – How Solaris assigns controller numbers

Read – How to Deal with memory Errors – Correctable and Uncorrectable – in Solaris

Read – Powerdown parameters

Read – ipmitool usage for diagnosis in Solaris X86


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