Solaris Booting Information Center

Read – Check current active boot device, when used in volume manager (SDS / SVM / VxVM)

Read – Sparc Boot Procedure Flow Chart

Read – VXVM on Solaris ( Sparc ) – Understanding boot Failures

Read – Understand Boot Command

Read – Setting boot-device with luxadm command from booted OS.

Read – Solaris Startup Scripts

Read – Determine cause of a system fault at ok> prompt

Read – Set System message to appear before login prompt

Read – Troubleshooting: CDE login problems

Read – Disk boot problems from ok> prompt

Read – Instruction to boot Single user mode for maintenance in Solaris X86



I have started ( aka in 2009 as my own personal reference blog, and later sometime i have realized that my leanings might be helpful for other unixadmins if I manage my knowledge-base in more user friendly format. And the result is today's' You can connect me at -

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