Solaris Basic Networking Information Center

September 1, 2015

Read – Data Gathering for Network Related Issues

Read – Ethernet Hardware Error Checking

Read –Troubleshooting lost Virtual interfaces after system reboot

Read – Things to know about Solaris Virtual Interfaces

Read – Understanding Network VLANs

Read – Verifying Physical Connectivity for Solaris and Linux

Read – Troubleshooting GuideA

Read – Tuning TCP window size

Read – Find Network Interface names that are available but not plumbed

Read – Force an Ethernet to boot in full duplex or half duplex mode

Read – Add Static Routes to Solaris 10

Read – Enable / Disable telnet Service

Read – Clearing ARP cache

Read – Calculate TCP re-transmission rate using netstat

Read – Calculate Collision rate in Ethernet network

Read – Determine link status of Ethernet interfaces

Read – netstat -a reports connections in the BOUND state

Read – Samba Troubleshooting Guide

Read – Configure the banner message and greeting message for in.ftpd

Read – Configure automated ftp session, from cron

Read – Troubleshooting: modify the inactivity timeout setting for FTP

Read – Configure to Telnet network service to listen different port other than default one

Read – Common Problems

Read – Setup NTP client in solaris 8 , 9 and 10

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