Linux Administration Information Center

Booting Tasks

Read – Unexpected Server Reboots of RHEL servers on HP

Read – Linux Admin Reference – RedHat Linux Grub Loader

Storage Responsibilities

Read – Understand Device Mapper and DM-Multipath

Read – Identifying Disk Errors in Linux

Read – Identify if linux was installed on a hardware RAID

Read – Creating New Partition table and Filesystem on SAN disk

Read – How to dynamically add LUN’s to Qlogic HBA

Read – Dynamically add/remove scsi from linux

Read – VxVM vs RHEL LVM2

Read – Volume manager Migration from LVM to VxVM in Linux

Read – Configuring DM-Multipath for EMC Clariion SAN Storage

Read – Device Mapper Multipath ( DM-Multipath) Configuration

Read – Unable to get EMC storage Lun’s visible under veritas control in Linux

Read – ISCSI Lun resize in RHEL 6

Read – Configuring ISCSI Server and Client in RHEL6

Read – Investigate a SCSI disk error from Linux

LVM Related Operations

Read – Migrating LVM2 volumes from RHEL 5 to RHEL 6

Read – How to recover a deleted Logical volume in RHEL 5/6

Read – Online configuration of new SAN disks to create new sybase raw volumes, using LVM.

Read – Linux LVM Commands Usage examples

Read – LVM Quick Reference

Read – Cleaning UP stale storage Devices from LVM, after Storage Reclaim

Read – How to recover a deleted Logical volume in RHEL 5/6

Virtualization Tasks

Read – Adding a Second NIC for an active Guest Linux VM ( VMWARE)

Read – Add additional storage and extend Logical Volume in a VM

Read – How to hot plug memory on VMWARE/Virtual RHEL7 Guests

Linux Troubleshooting Tasks

Read – Network Troubleshooting Reference – 1

Read – Networking Troubleshooting Reference – 2

Read – Network Physical Connectivity Check for Solaris and Linux

Read – Collecting RedHat Diagnosis report for the Support Call purpose

Read – Root Password Reset in RHEL

Read – Examining Red Hat Linux kernel state using Sysrq key combinations

Read – Crash Dump capturing for Red Hat Linux

Read – Creating Centralized Crash Analysis Server for RHEL Environment

Read – Kdump Configuration in RHEL5/6/7

Read – Is your Redhat Linux Environment ready for Leap Second Insertion on Jun 30, 2015 ?

Linux File System Operations

Read – Red Hat Linux Troubleshooting – File system Errors

Read – Basis Filesystem Management in Linux

Linux Service Management

Read – inetd Vs xinetd in linux

Read – Ten most frequently used Linux networking services, in enterprise unix networks

Linux Networking Related Tasks

Read – Understanding Network VLANs

Read – What is Multicast and how to configure Network interface with Multicast Address in RHEL

Read – How to deal with “CLOSE_WAIT” and “TIME_WAIT” connection in RHEL

Read – Network Bonding Reference ( RHEL5 / RHEL6)

Read – Linux : NTP Error Message “kernel time sync error 0001”

Linux Error Log Analysis

Read – Configuration of Syslog and Rsyslog – Redhat Enterprise Linux

Read – How to Configure for Daily log rotate for /var/log/messages

Read – Configuring Auditd in RedHat Enterprise Linux

Linux Kernel Configuration Tasks

Read 32bit mode vs 64bit mode – Redhat Enterprise Linux

Read How to set kernel parameters in Redhat Enterprise Linux and Suse Linux

Read Quick Overview of the Kernel Parameters related to Network Tuning in RHEL4/5/6

Read Troubleshooting Kernel Panic issues in RHEL– Part 2

Read Kernel Panic and System Crash in RHEL6

Read Overview of Red Hat Enterprise Linux Kernel

Read Setting Kernel Parameters in RHEL6

Linux Software Management Tasks

Read – Yum Quick Reference – Redhat Enterprise Linux

Read – How to hide username list on GNOME login Screen in RHEL7

Linux Performance Monitoring and Tuning

Read – How to disable transparent hugepages (THP) in RHEL7

Read – Controlling Cache Memory / Page Cache Size in RHEL6

Read – Understanding Linux Hugepages in RHEL6

Read – How to Write Custom Udev rules in RHEL6/RHEL7

Read – Configuring PXE server for UEFI boot for RHEL6/RHEL7

Linux Network Servers Configuration

Read – Chroot FTP Services in Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Read – FTP/SFTP Services in Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Read – SUDO Configuration in RedHat Enterprise Linux

Read – Sendmail Issues in Redhat Enterprise Linux

Read – Configuring LAMP STACK for Web Applications in RHEL6- cookbook

Read – Mysql on Redhat Enterprise Linux

Read – NTP Configuration and Troubleshooting in RHEL

Read – LDAP-Part 1 : Implementation of LDAP Authentication in RHEL 6.3

Read – LDAP-Part 2 : Configuration of Certification Authority for LDAP encryption in RHEL 6.3

Read – LDAP-Part 3 : LDAP Configuration With Encrypted Communication using TLS/SSL in RHEL 6.3

Read – LDAP-Part 4 : Troubleshooting in RHEL 6.3

Read – Linux Samba Server integration with Windows Active Directory – Part 1

Read – Linux Samba Server integration with Windows Active Directory – Part 2




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