Solaris 11 Administration Information Center

Read – How to Administrate IPQoS

Read Command Cheat Sheet : Managing Services

Read Command Cheat Sheet – Image Packaging System

Read Command Cheat Sheet – Installation and Deployment

Read Command Cheat Sheet – Basic Adminsitration

Read – Monitoring System Activities using sar in Solaris

Read – How to Monitor SMF Services

Read – How to Display Solaris System Information

Read – How to Modify Boot parameters in Solaris X86 and Sparc

Read – How to Manage Solaris SMF Services

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Read – How to Manage Solaris System Processes

Read – How to Change Hosts General Information – Date, MOTD,nodename

Read – How to Configure Solaris SMF services

Read – How to Manage Core Files

Read – How to display Information About Files and Disk Space

Read – How to Display System Performance Information

Read – How to Shutdown a Read System

Read – How to reduce the Solaris Reboot Time using Fast Reboot

Read – How to manage Solaris Run Level Scripts

Read – How to Manage System Crash Dumps

Read – Booting From a ZFS Boot Environment

Read – How to Manage locally Connected Terminal Console

Read – Booting Solaris System into different Run Level State

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Read – How to manage Solaris Boot Archives

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Read – How to Configure Maximum number of open files per process

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Read – How to find information related to disk space usage – Solaris

Read – How to administrate the SCSI devices using cfgadm in Read ( X86)



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