Solaris Troubleshooting : Data Gathering Printer Related Issues

Data Gathering for Printer Related IssuesThis article will help you to gather necessary information required to troubleshoot printer related issues in Solaris troubleshooting, but the resolution of actual issues is outside the scope of this post.

Data Gathering to Troubleshoot Printer Issues

Data Collection for Troubleshooting:

Make a note at which time and date or in which period the problem occurs, which printqueue or printjob had the problem. Each specific information regarding the printer and the method used to configure it .

Colelct the Output of:

# lpstat -lp QUEUENAME #if it concerns a particular queue

# lpstat -lp

# ls -Rail /var/spool/lp

# ls -Rail /var/spool/print 

The printing logging file, if configured: /var/adm/lpr.debug

Output of:

# pstack /var/cores/*                      –    if coreadm is configured

truss-files: /var/tmp/*truss           –   if truss-files have been drawn

snoop-files: /var/tmp/*snoop       –   if snoop-files have been drawn

Collect some generic printing files and directories:

# cd /
# /usr/bin/tar cf var/tmp/lpdir.tar \
etc/printers.conf \
etc/lp \
var/spool/lp \
var/spool/print \
var/lp/logs \
var/svc/log/application-print-server:default.log \
var/svc/log/application-print-ipp-listener:default.log \
# /usr/bin/gzip var/tmp/lpdir.tar


And then you need to pass this information to your SME to find the actual issue related to the Printer Issue.



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