Red Hat Enterprise Linux on HP Servers – Unexpected Server Reboots

Red Hat Enterprise Linux  Unexpected Reboots with HP HardwareThe Server Environment which has Linux Servers installed on HP, occasionally encounter the issue of unexpected server reboot without any related log in system logs. And There are no kernel panics and no perfornamce issues ( SAR reports the usage utilization is normal) except the below log in iLO IML log.
 Critical ASR 05/25/2013 20:39 05/25/2013 20:39 1 ASR Detected by System ROM  

 ::: So What is ASR?

 Automatic System Recovery is a HP hardware feature that will cause system to shutdown or reboot. The ASR triggers the reboot for the following situations
  •   – When there is any internal LED shows Amber  state
  •   – When the Operating System Not Communicating with the Server Hardware Long time.
  ASR runs heartbeat connection testing between server hardware and Operating Systems using 10 minute counter, if the server doesn’t respond in 10 minutes then the ASR will trigger the reboot. Redhat uses “hpasm” driver to frequently reload the counter to prevent it from counter reach 0 from 10. When the Operating System boots due to ASR , there will be no logs in the OS logs except a message in iLO IML ( you need to check this from iLO interface).

::: How to Confirm that ASR enabled in Linux?

  # hpasmcli -s “show asr”

::: How to Disable this feature, to avoid unexpected reboots?

 Just remove the HP OpenIPMI Device Driver by typing the following two  commands at a command prompt:
#  rpm -e hp-OpenIPMI
#  service hpasm restart 
Just incase if you don’t have Hp-OpenIPMI installed in Linux, you can disable the ASR from HP BIOS, as given below


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  1. Jaga says:

    It’s very usefull information

  2. Alok says:

    As ASR is the feature of HP Hardware, so why there is need to Disable the feature? What is the reason for OS not communicating with the HArdware?
    Suppose we disabled ASR and system reboots with some another reason then, how it will auto revocer the OS?

  1. September 17, 2015

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  2. September 17, 2015

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