VXVM 6.1 – How to Use Vxattachd to send notifications during VxVM disks are being Detached?

vxvm-how-toThe vxattachd daemon monitors Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) for disks being attached. The vxattachd daemon reattaches the detached plexes or sites if the corresponding disks become accessible.
vxattachd analyzes the output of the vxnotify command, and waits for a failed disk to attach. When a disk is attached, vxattachd attempts to online the disk, and tries to reattach detached plexes or the failed site. If a site or plex is successfully reattached, vxattachd starts recovery using vxrecover, and sends mail to root (by default) or to other specified users.
By default, vxattachd sends mail to root with information about the disk status of any attempts to reattach the site. To send mail to other users, add the user login name to the line that starts vxattachd in the startup script, /lib/svc/method/vxvm-recover and run the svcadm refresh vxvm/vxvm-recover command (for Solaris 10 onward), or /etc/init.d/vxvm-recover and reboot the system (for OS releases before Solaris 10). For example, if the line appears as:
#  nohup vxattachd root &
and you want mail also to be sent to user1 and user2, change the line to read:
# nohup vxattachd root user1 user2 &
Alternatively, kill the vxattachd process, and restart it from the command line with the required mail addresses as arguments.
::: For site reattaches, the mail notification has a format that is similar to the following:
Subject: Volume Manager site reattach on host hostname
Reattached site sitename in disk-group diskgroup
:::: For plex reattaches, the mail notification has a format that is similar to the following:
Subject: Volume Manager auto disk attach on host hostname
Reattached device(s) dmpnode. Recovery has started on plexes belonging to this device.


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