VXVM 6.1 – How to Use Ordered options with vxassist command

vxvm-how-to If the -o ordered option is specified when creating a volume, vxassist uses the specified storage in the following order:
1. Concatenate disks.
2. Form columns.
3. Form mirrors.
For example, the following command creates a mirrored-stripe volume with 3 columns and 2 mirrors on 6 disks:
# vxassist -o ordered make mirstrvol 10g layout=mirror-stripe nstripe=3 disk01 disk02 disk03 disk04 disk05 disk06
This command places columns 1, 2 and 3 of the first mirror on disk01, disk02 and disk03 respectively, and columns 1, 2 and 3 of the second mirror on disk04, disk05 and disk06 respectively.
For layered volumes, the same rules are used to allocate storage as for non-layered volumes.
The following command creates a striped-mirror volume with 2 mirrored columns:
# vxassist -o ordered make strmirvol 10g layout=stripe-mirror nstripe=2 disk01 disk02 disk03 disk04
This command mirrors column 1 across disk01 and disk03, and column 2 across disk02 and disk04. The col_switch attribute can additionally be used to specify how space on the disks is to be concatenated into columns.
Te following command creates a mirrored-stripe volume with 2 columns:
# vxassist -o ordered make strmir2vol 10g layout=mirror-stripe  nstripe=2 col_switch=3g,2g disk01 disk02 disk03 disk04  disk05 disk06 disk07 disk08
This command allocates 3 gigabytes from disk01 and 2 gigabytes from disk02 to column 1, and 3 gigabytes from disk03 and 2 gigabytes from disk04 to column 2. The mirrors of these columns are then similarly formed from disks disk05 through disk08.  Other storage specification classes for controllers, enclosures, targets and trays can be used with ordered allocation. For example, the following command creates a 3-column mirrored-stripe volume between specified controllers:
# vxassist -o ordered make mirstr2vol 10g layout=mirror-stripe nstripe=3 ctlr:c1 ctlr:c2 ctlr:c3 ctlr:c4 ctlr:c5 ctlr:c6
This command allocates space for column 1 from disks on controller c1, for column 2 from disks on controller c2, and so on.


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