VXVM 6.1 – How to Enable vxconfigd log for deduubbing?

vxvm-how-toYou can enable direct vxconfigd logging with the -x log argument, and turn it off with the -x nolog argument. Logging is disabled by default.
If direct logging is enabled, the default log file is /var/vxvm/vxconfigd.log. This option can be used in conjunction with syslog | nosyslog. See syslog | nosyslog below for more information.   The following command logs all debug and error messages to the specified log file:
# vxconfigd -x9 -x log
The disk group configuration backup and restore utilities do not save any data in the public region. This includes file system or other application data that is configured within Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) objects.
The Below  command logs all debug messages to the specified log file, and logs all error messages to both the direct log file and the syslog.log file:
# vxconfigd -x9 -x log -x syslog


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