VXVM 6.1 – How to display Default VxVM Configuration values

vxvm-how-toVxVM uses several Default Values during volume management tasks.
To display all defaults:
# vxdefault list
KEYWORD                         CURRENT-VALUE   DEFAULT-VALUE  
autoreminor                     on              on
autostartvolumes                on              on
fssmartmovethreshold            100             100           
reclaim_on_delete_start_time    20:00           22:10       
reclaim_on_delete_wait_period   2               1             
sharedminorstart                33000           33000
usefssmartmove                  none            all
To set the default reclaim_on_delete_start_time to 8 p.m.:
# vxdefault set reclaim_on_delete_start_time 20:00
Note:  /etc/default/vxsf  –   Persistent file used to store the defaults.


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