VCS 6.1 – How to check the cluster node Heartbeat connectivity using dlpiping ?

vcs-how-toThe dlpiping utility exchanges network traffic over a specific DLPI network device to test network connectivity. Each host on the network being tested should run an instance of dlpiping in server mode to reflect packets from the other hosts. An instance of dlpiping in client mode can then be used to send an echo request to any other host and receive an echo response. If there is no response within 15 seconds (the default timeout period), the client declares that the remote host is not functioning.
The remote_MAC_addr is specified in hexadecimal digits separated by dots (.) or colons (:). The device_name is the name of the network interface and may have a unit number appended after a colon (:)
In client mode, dlpiping returns 0 if the remote host is alive, 1 if the remote host does not respond, and 2 if there is an error.
host1# getmac /dev/hme:0
/dev/hme:0 00.AA.00.A2.63.B1
host11# dlpiping -s /dev/hme:0 &
host2# dlpiping -c /dev/hme:0 00.AA.00.A2.63.B1
00.AA.00.A2.63.B1 is alive


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