System admin Best Practices: Procedure to Install a New Server in a Datacenter and installing the Operating system remotely

Below are the steps commonly followed for the most of the enterprise networks where the data center located remotely and support performs build procedures remotely.

1. Procuring Hardware

2.  Allocate DC space and Racking Hardware

3.  Allocating network ports

4.  Configuring remote consoles

5.  Gather System Basic information for remote installation

6.  Installing the operating system remotely using Jumpstart


1. Procuring Hardware


  1. Business team will assess the actual requirement and will rise the request to asset team for new hardware resources
  2. Once Asset team contacts the vendor and finalize the purchase, Vendor will deliver the hardware directly to Datacenter.

2. Allocate DC Space and Rack the Hardware


DC support team will receive the hardware and will rack them as per the DC installation procedures. DC team will consider below points while racking the hardware

i.  How much power requirement for the server, and available power sources at the rack

ii. How many network ports required for the server, and available ports on Switch connected to the Rack

iii.If the hardware is part of the cluster environment, it should be placed separate to the other nodes available in the same cluster to avoid single point of hardware failure in the cluster. For example:  Basic requirement to any cluster node is, having separate power source, separate network switch …etc

3. Allocating Network Ports


  1. Before installing any server, Network team will allocate network port on specific VLANS allocated for specific network IP segments
  2. And also configures switch port speed  and duplex as requested by support team

4. Configuring Remote Consoles

Once server was racked, DC support team will configure the remote console for the server so that support team can proceed for remote installation of the server.  Depending on the server model the console connectivity varies.  Examples

i.      IBM Servers will have the console with http enabled, so that the users can connect to  the consoles by mentioning  http://console-ip

ii.      Latest HP servers uses – Web based ILO consoles

iii.      SUN servers use consoles from  – Serial Port, SC Ports, ALOM Ports

5. Gather System Basic information for remote installation

Once Remote Console configures, System Support team connects remotely to gather the following information required for the Remote installation.

  1. Ethernet MAC address
  2. Hardware Model and architecture.

6. Installing the operating system remotely using Jumpstart


Configure Jumpstart server to add for the new client installation. And initiate the new installation.



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  1. Santosh says:

    Hi Ramdev,
    I have been following your website from the last 20 days and i appreciate for your thought, that to help new administrators (Solaris/Unix).
    I am new to this course and trying to get a job but companies asking experience.
    so your site is very useful for people like me to know the environment and what hapends in the real world

    If possible can you do a Post on LDOM?
    like what are they, how they differ from Zones and in real time what work an L2 Support guy does.
    what is use of them and one scenario with LDOM experience.
    thank you…

  2. Ramdev says:

    @Santhosh – Sure, we will add LDOM information to the kowledge base

  3. Santosh says:

    Thank you, thank you very much.
    and also if possible please add few real time issues like what daily tickets, daily issues with servers and steps to resolving them like that.
    and what exactly mean by Server health checkup?
    and what time you will be online?

  4. Muneer EP says:

    Add-on: Perform Site visit – verify RACK space, . (Once we had done all calculation, then mounted the server, but we were not able to close the cabinet door … Quality Team raise this as a big issue (common!!!!!!! what system admin you are? you didn’t check the basic things). Better give special care to mount the server in to other vendor’s cabinet.

    System admin may need to provide powerrequiremnt/ host desperation and Network requirement (FC as well) not DC team.

  5. Prajwala says:

    Thanks a lot……………………..

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