Solaris Troubleshooting NFS: “stale NFS file handle” errors

Stale file handles occur when a file or directory was held open by an NFS client, and then was either removed, renamed, or replaced.


For example a file gets removed and a new file is created using the same inode, or if the file was renamed and the inode changed.

The only way to get the ESTALE to go away is to force the client process to negotiate new handles.  Either open the files again, or restart the processes. You can try to umount and remount the filesystem on top of itself, or kill/restart any processes that have open file handles. If you prefer not to reboot the machine, you may create a new mount point on the client for the mount point with the Stale NFS file handle.



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5 Responses

  1. sameer says:

    Thanks for publish this post. My issue is resolved. Thanks!

  2. ESUN says:

    We can’t create every time new mount point. right?

  3. Ramdev Ramdev says:

    Hi ESUN, yes. That is just a workaround :) not a permanent solution

  4. Swamy says:

    Can you elaborate enabling debug logs at nfs solaris client which often goes in stale ?

  1. October 6, 2015

    […] Read – “stale NFS file handle” errors […]

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