Solaris 10 : mpathadm vs luxadm – manage multipathing in solaris 10


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  1. Avatar Mushtaq says:

    Vendor: SUN      Product: LCSM100_S , is a JBOD or SAN ? 

    Logical Unit: /dev/rdsk/c4t600A0B800034D7E9000002D346E7848Cd0s2
    Vendor: SUN
    Product: LCSM100_S
    Revision: 0670

  2. Avatar Basha says:

    Hi All, 

    I have also facing the same doubt can some one please clarify us..
    How can we judge that this device is SAN or JBOD (Local disk)?

    • Ramdev says:

      @musthaq and @basha — what path it does show in format output is key here. The path clearly says the devices either by using HBA or iscsi path.

      JBOD usually configures using iscsi, whereas SAN using the Fibre connections.

      From the about output, the mpath module loaded for mpath is scsi , hence I can guess it is a jbod. Incase if the module loaded is anything like fp based my guess will be SAN disk.

      @musthaq – can you get the echo|format output for this disk.

  3. Avatar Mushtaq says:


    I can see the controllers internal to the system  `ls -l /dev/cfg/

    c0    c1    c4    c5    c6    c7    usb0/

    when i echo format 


    The server has mpxio enabled but i am confuse over the controller 8 is not showing as other controllers in the list. 

    Please advise thanks.

    • Ramdev says:

      Hi Mushtaq, do you able to print the partition table for the c8 disk. Can you run cfgadm -al and devfsadm -Cv once , to check if there is any difference?

      And also refer /etc/path_to_install if the disk had any customized path.

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