You are an awesome sysadmin, but still your resume get no attention for interview call !!! This post is for you

Greetings to All !! I know it was quite long gap in between my posts. And the blame goes to my day job ( just kidding .. :) )

Actually i have lot of stuff to share with you all, but in this post i will be discussing about one of the long pending request from many of our gurkulindia’s friends who are new to IT industry.

“How to prepare a perfect Resume/CV, and is there any sample resume for system admin position?”

And In my opinion, this is one of the tough question to answer in a generic way. but Still, I want to answer this best of my knowledge and understanding.

First of all I want to clarify the difference between a resume and CV ( Curriculum Vitae) – ” Resume is nothing but a short and concise format of your overall skill and experience within one or two pages. Where as CV is a complete explanation about your skills,job roles,technical experience and achievements, and usually an experienced CV takes around 4 to 6 pages.”

For the folks who are applying for the entry level positions, most of the times, it is recommendable to keep the CV ( and for entry level sysadmin positions, there is not much difference between a resume and a CV , so don’t’ worry about it) within two or three pages. And for experienced folks ( e.g. 5 plus years) it is recommendable to keep CV with in 4 to 6 pages.


How to Prepare an Awesome CV for your next Job?

In one of my previous post , Make your recruitment process awesome , I have explained how the actual recruitment process happens. Once you understand the process it is easy to understand the significance of each part in your CV.

Five Important things that makes your CV awesome

1. Professional Summary

Just two to three lines to explain about your overall experience, your core skill , your domain knowledge. And it should consist at least 10 keywords which are mentioned in the job requirement. This is the key area where the interviewer will get first impression on your CV, and decide whether to look into complete CV or keep it aside.

Example for an entry level CV :

Certified Solaris administrator with strong understanding on system administration and networking technologies. One year hands on experience in Solaris and Linux installation, configuration and troubleshooting. And Also familiar with Linux administration and Shell scripting

Example for an Experience CV :

Overall 5 years of enterprise level UNIX administration experience with strong Solaris, Linux, Scripting , Veritas Volume manager and Veritas Cluster skills. Deep understanding on Solaris networks, quick problem resolution skills. Certified as SCSA, RHCE and CCNA.

2. Career Objective

A brief ( three or four lines) note about your expectation from your new role in terms of knowledge and designation. This part has very important role during the final rounds of interview ( managerial rounds), where managers want to guess your willingness to work for this position in case of the job responsibilities not matching with your CV objective.

I normally recommend to write something which is practical and can be achievable with in next 3 to 5 years of the time.

Sample Career Objective for an Entry Level CV :

Looking for a challenging Solaris administrator role which gives me an opportunity to learn and demonstrate my skills. Simultaneously, I want to improve my skills in Linux administration and shell scripting

Sample Career Objective for an Experienced CV ( Who is looking for Team lead positions) :

Looking for a challenging system administration role in an enterprise environment, which gives me an opportunity to demonstrate my people management skills and team leading skills in addition to my technical skills.

3. Skill Summary

In this area you will summarize all the skills you have acquired so far with an appropriate classification.For example a small table with the list of your skills in operating systems level, hardware level, networking concepts, monitoring tools …etc.

You should make sure this is covering 80% of the keywords which are mentioned in the job requirement

4. Experience Summary

This is the largest area in any CV, which talks about your previous employers , your designations, employment periods, and the projects/responsibilities you have handled in each job.And you have to give the list chronological order (i.e. recent one first).

5. Educational Summary

A small table format with your graduation and post graduation details – like university, part time course /full time course, course completion year. I would recommend not to mention any grades or percentage unless until interviewer asks for them in job requirements. And you have to give the list chronological order.

6. References ( keep this information only if requested , otherwise just skip it )

At least two professional reference information from your past organizations except the current organization ( unless you want your boss know that you are trying for a job change :) ). If not specifically mentioned about reference phone numbers in the job requirement, just give the official mail-Ids and skip the phone numbers.

That’s it about your CV preparation. Now we will talk about actual Post title

You already have wonderful CV and valid experience , but still you have no response from interviewers?

Five basic questions to ask your self.

  • Does your CV matching your Primary Skills & Secondary Skills against the Essential Skills & Desired skills mentioned in the Job requirement?
  • Does your CV matching the required experience in terms of overall IT experience and relevant job experience. If you think you don’t have enough experience, do you prepare any cover letter to justify the reason why you think you fit for the position.
  • Does your CV summary focusing on something which is not in scope for the job requirement. Example. Summary like ” i am having Strong Solaris administration knowledge … “, doesn’t go well for a position where AIX or Linux is main requirement.
  • Does your CV reflecting too many employers in short period of time? If so do you have right justification for each of your job change?
  • Does your CV summary reflecting the domain knowledge which is specifically mentioned in the job requirement. E.G. Job requirement says “Financial/Banking industry preferred” , ” Telecommunication Experience preferred ” or “Healthcare industry experience preferred”




I have started ( aka in 2009 as my own personal reference blog, and later sometime i have realized that my leanings might be helpful for other unixadmins if I manage my knowledge-base in more user friendly format. And the result is today's' You can connect me at -

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  1. Yogesh Raheja says:

    @Ram, very well explained.

  2. Gowtham says:

    Why Sample Resumes were removed ????

    • Ramdev Ramdev says:

      Hi Gowtham, Those are not perfect and having some minor drawbacks. Thanks to Industry experts, who pointed out the errors in those samples. i am finding some other good samples. I will post again .

  3. Gowtham says:

    @Ram, Anyway Great Article. Thanks Ram.

  4. sreenath says:

    waiting for sample resumes, 

    appreciate ur knowledge level and sharing  mentality

  5. ramakrishna says:

    Hi Ramdev

    i need one help.kindly provide one experienced cv.
    i attend lot of interviews but no responce.
    i think my cv is not good.
    thats why can u provide one cv.

  6. ranjith says:

    awesome posts dude..
    can u send me a sample cv..

  7. Ramdev Ramdev says:

    Hi Ranjith,

    Thanks for the comment.  About the sample CV, I seriously recommend to have your own.

  8. shiva kumar says:

    what about the fresher, even he/she does’nt have atleast one year exprience?????? kindly give me a reply

  9. shiva kumar says:

    Grate post sir, but…….. If the fresher is doing any certifications of RHCE & RHCSA, what would you recommended to him?

  10. Somu says:

    Nicely explained. Resume means we have to show our capability and experience on the paper.

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