Veritas Admin : What is new in VxSF 6.0

Quick review on what is new in VxSF 6.0 compared to Old releases

Creating a volume of maximum size

In previous releases, Veritas Volume Manager provided a two-step approach to creating a volume of the maximum size. You had to run the vxassist max size command to find the maximum size of the volume to be created with the given constraints. Then, you had to run the vxassist make command and specify the volume size as the maximum determined by the “vxassist maxsize” command

In this release, you can create a maximum sized volume with a single command. Specify the “vxassist make” command with the maxsize keyword.

The vxassist command creates the maximum sized volume possible, taking into consideration any other allocation attributes that you specify.

Veritas Volume Manager co-existence with Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) disks:

ASMdisks are the disks used by Oracle Automatic Storage Management software.  Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) co-exists with OracleASMdisks, by recognizing the disks as the type Oracle ASM. VxVM protects ASM disks from any operations that may overwrite the disk. VxVM classifies and displays the ASM disks as ASM format disks.

You cannot initialize anASMdisk, or perform any VxVM operations that may overwrite the disk

 Migrating a source file system to the VxFS file system over NFS v3

NFS is one of the most commonly used file systems in network-attached storage solutions and is one of the standard file sharing mechanisms used in UNIX Environments.

This feature enables you to migrate a source file system to the VxFS file system over your existing NFS v3 solution.

This feature is supported on AIX and Solaris.

Support for product installation using yum on Linux

You can now install any of the Veritas products with yum. Yum installation is Supported for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and 6.

Support for product deployment using Flash Archives on Solaris 10

Use a Flash archive to install the Storage Foundation and High Availability Suite of products and the Solaris 10 operating system in conjunction with JumpStart.

for more information please refer the Symantec whitepaper about the new features.



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6 Responses

  1. MS says:


    Any new pkgs,commands added to SF 6.0

    Kiran M.S

    • Ramdev Ramdev says:

      @Kiran – i am still working on new features. I will add info once I understand how they are different than earlier versions

  2. N.SURESH says:

    please update solaris admin job

  3. Ramdev Ramdev says:

    Hi Suresh, You will see more solaris admin stuff in coming days.

  4. n.suresh says:

    Hi Ramdev, Is there any opeing for Sr. solaris admin and VXVM

  1. September 18, 2015

    […] Read – What is new in VxSF 6.0 […]

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