VCS : Sample VCS configuration with Single Oracle Instance


Sample VCS configuration file for single Oracle instance Review the sample configuration with a resource of type Oracle that is configured as follows in file.

The shared disk groups and volumes in the cluster are configured as resources of type DiskGroup and Volume respectively. The volumes are mounted using the Mount agent. The virtual IP address for the service group is configured using the IP and NIC resource types. The Oracle server can be started after each of these resources is brought online.

Note: If your configuration does not use Veritas Volume Manager, use the DiskReservation resource type to configure shared storage instead of the DiskGroup and Volume resource types

VCS Configuration File

include “”
include “”

cluster vcs (

system galaxy (

system nebula (

group ORA_PROD_Group (
SystemList = { galaxy = 0, nebula = 1 }
AutoStartList = { galaxy }
DiskGroup DG_oraprod (
DiskGroup = ora_prod_dg
StartVolumes = 0
StopVolumes = 0
IP IP_oraprod (
Device = eth0
Address = “”
Mount Mount_oraprod_u01 (
MountPoint = “/prod/u01”
BlockDevice = “/dev/vx/dsk/ora_prod_dg/u01-vol”
FSType = vxfs
FsckOpt = “-n”
Mount Mount_oraprod_u02 (
MountPoint = “/prod/u02”
BlockDevice = “/dev/vx/dsk/ora_prod_dg/u02-vol”
FSType = vxfs
FsckOpt = “-n”
NIC NIC_oraprod (
Device = eth0
Netlsnr LSNR_oraprod_lsnr (
Owner = oraprod
Home = “/orahome/Oracle”
TnsAdmin = “/orahome/Oracle/network/admin”
MonScript = “./bin/Netlsnr/”
LsnrPwd = cqfOdoOolOo
Oracle ORA_oraprod (
Sid = PROD
Owner = oraprod
Home = “/orahome/Oracle”
EnvFile = “/tmp/”
DetailMonitor = 1
MonScript = “./bin/Oracle/”
User = thor
Pword = hvlTptWvj
Table = thor
MonitorOption = 0
Volume Vol_oraprod_vol1 (
Volume = u01-vol
DiskGroup = ora_prod_dg
Volume Vol_oraprod_vol2 (
Volume = u02-vol
DiskGroup = ora_prod_dg
IP_oraprod requires NIC_oraprod
LSNR_oraprod_lsnr requires IP_oraprod
LSNR_oraprod_lsnr requires ORA_oraprod
Mount_oraprod_u01 requires Vol_oraprod_vol1
Mount_oraprod_u02 requires Vol_oraprod_vol2
ORA_oraprod requires Mount_oraprod_u01
ORA_oraprod requires Mount_oraprod_u02
Vol_oraprod_vol1 requires DG_oraprod
Vol_oraprod_vol2 requires DG_oraprod



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  1. Amar.B says:

    I really wondered when i see this site and i believe i missed a lot. I don`t know who builds and maintain this, i am really greatful thanks to him really hats off…

    i don`t have more words to expresse… Really superb…

    and more over noticed that there is very less lessons on Linux administration compare to Solaris. Request you please post more practises.

  2. Ramdev says:

    @Amar – There will be more to come on linux for sure.

    JFYI. Information ramdev ( myself ) running this site with the excellent support from Yogesh. :)

  3. Kiran MS says:


    Even me looking more for Linux related stuff….:)


  4. Pratap says:

    How to create a service group from Command Line? Thanks in advance 

  5. Yogesh Raheja says:

    @Pratap, just put hagrp –help or hagrp and enter, It will provide you all commnd line options for creating Service Group and after that you can change the Service Group charterstics accordingly. I will try to provide you with the complete steps whenever I will be creating a new SG next time.

  6. Pratap says:

    Thanks Yogesh, in the mean time i will also try and post

  7. Yogesh Raheja says:

    No probs Pratap. All the best and let us know if you have any doubts. 

  8. Ramdev Ramdev says:

    @Kiran, sorry missed to reply you. For sure we will focus on linux.

  9. Abishek says:

    Ramdev, In the above mentioned diagram, how the linking is happening, From parent to child or child to parent.. i am studying VCS my self, just confused here little bit.

    • Ramdev Ramdev says:

      Hi abhishek, ignore that links they were meant to confuse you anyway :) .

      Make it simple, this way……… resources on top ( e.g res-a) are always depends on the resources which are in their bottom . ( E.g res-b) …. Then you will mention It in as “res-a requires res-b”.

  10. Abishek says:

    Thanks Ramdev :-) got it …

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