SUN Clusters – Adding New Disk and Extending Filesystem

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  1. Avatar Yogesh.Raheja says:

    Good work done Michael.

  2. Michael Michael says:

    thnks champ 

  3. Avatar Shivkumar says:

    good work….can you post the Sun Cluster basics as did earlier for VCS. 

  4. Michael Michael says:

    @ Shiv Kumar thnk u yes sure …. we will definetly prepare on it …. 

  5. Avatar Darian says:

    good work  .Can you pls let  know the differneces between the DID devices and Global devices ,Pls share .Thanks 

  6. Michael Michael says:

    @ Darian thnks well the DID provides an feature of unique device naming ,since the shared disk would have differnt logical names on the differnt nodes due to differnt controllers names . so DID provides an means of unique naming nomenculture cluster wide, While Global devices provides highly available access to anydevice in a cluster, from any node, without regard to where the device is physically attached. Its as simple as this DID provides just an global naming classes while Global device provides the accessiblity 

  7. Avatar gustavo says:

    Just a comment, sun cluster 3.2 comes with a new set of commands, more easy to remember.

    You should consider using it on any new tutorial about Sun Cluster > 3.1 , like 3.2 and 3.3.
    For example “cldev”,  to manage did devices, and many others.

    great tutorial!!!

  8. Avatar Yogesh.Raheja says:

    @Gustavo, yes in sun cluster 3.2 & onwards all command set which earlier starts which “sc” has been replaced by “cl”. We will consider you point and will try to present posts on the latest SUN Cluster version also. Thanks for your suggestion.

  9. Avatar Deepak says:

    Great Tutorial, Thank

  10. Avatar Raja says:

    Great Work.

  11. Avatar Ganesan says:

    Great Tutorial. Very Helpful. Thank you.

  12. Avatar veeren says:

    please any one post diskset tutorial …. and adding disks and growing decreasing space online ..urgent …etc…..

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