VxVM : Recovering an unstartable volume with a disabled plex in the RECOVER state

A Plex will be shown in RECOVER state if its contents are out-of-date with respect to the volume. This can happen if a disk containing one or more plex’s subdisks has been replaced or reattached. If a Plex is shown as being in this state, it can be recovered by using the “vxmend” and “vxvol” commands.

i)      First Force the Plex into OFFLINe state

#vxmend  -g mydg  –o force off plex01

ii)    Please the Plex into STALE state

#vxmend  -g mydg on plex01

iii)  If the Volume has any other  ACTIVE and CLEAN Plexes, then attach the trouble plex to the Volume

# vxplex  -g mydg  att plex-01 vol-01

If the Volem has no CLEAN plexes in the volume, then make the disabled one as CLEAN

# vxmend  -g mydg  fix CLEAN plex01

If the volume is already enabled it will start re-sync of plex immediately.

iv)    If the volume is not already ENABLE, just start it. Starting the volume perform any re-sync of the plexes in the background

# vxvol  -g mydg  –o bg start vol-01

v)      This is optional step: if you want to forcibly start a volume which has no redundant plexes, and you want to restore the volume from the backup after replacing the failed disk.

# vxvol  -g  mydg  –o bg –f start vol-01



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  1. Bijay Mangaraj says:

    Please keep updaing latest post related to veritas issues.

  2. Yogesh Raheja says:

    @Bijay, sure we will keep posting with Veritas issues. Also you can find many of those under “Veritas Admin” section at the top right hand side of gurkulindia.com.

  1. July 22, 2016

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