VxVM : Veritas Plex state Transition

Here I am giving the information about the plex state transmission. A clear understanding of the various plex states and their interrelationship is necessary if you want to be able to perform any recovery procedures.

  • At system startup, volumes are started automatically and the vxvol start task makes all CLEAN plexes ACTIVE.
  • At shutdown, the vxvol stop task marks all ACTIVE plexes CLEAN.
  • If all plexes are initially CLEAN at startup, this indicates that a controlled shutdown occurred and optimizes the time taken to start up the volumes.
  • When first created, a plex has state EMPTY until the volume to which it is attached is initialized.Its state is then set to CLEAN. Its plex kernel state remains set to DISABLED and is not set to ENABLED until the volume is started.
  • After a system crash and reboot, all plexes of a volume are ACTIVE but marked with plex kernel state DISABLED until their data is recovered by the vxvol resync task.
  • A plex may be taken offline with the vxmend off command, made available again using vxmend on, and its data resynchronized with the other plexes when it is reattached using vxplex att. A failed resynchronization or uncorrectable I/O failure places the plex in the IOFAIL state.
  • There are various actions that you can take if a system crash or I/O error leaves no plexes of a mirrored volume in a CLEAN or ACTIVE state


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  1. Lalit Joshi says:

    Nice explanation. But unable to view above diagram/picture. Please help.

  2. Ramdev Ramdev says:

    i have fixed the images issue.

  3. Lalit Joshi says:

    Thanks!!! its working now :)

  1. September 18, 2015

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