Solaris Troubleshooting NIS : Adding user to NIS, when passwd file is not in /etc

The NIS directory is /etc/nisdir, where all the NIS maps reside. Create a user in the /etc/passwd file.

In this example, the new user is afzal.

# vi /etc/passwd

afzal:x:107:14:naeem afzal:/export/home/afzal:/bin/csh   <== add entry

Assign a password to the new user.

# passwd afzal

Now run this command to create an entry in the shadow file

# pwconv

# cat /etc/shadow <==  to check user entry in there.


Copy over these two entries to the /etc/nisdir/passwd file for passwd entry, and /etc/nisdir/shadow for shadow entry. To update the passwd map and push it to the slaves.

# make passwd

NOTE : If you do not want this new user to be a local user, delete the entries in /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow.



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