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Kubernetes VS PaaS

Dimitris Karakasilis, one of the engineers on SUSE Cloud Application Platform, spent his hack week project exploring what it would be like to develop with Kubernetes directly and wrote about his experience. With his permission, I’m republishing his blog here. Thank you to Dimitris for his excellent...


Explaining Oracle’s Success in Cloud Applications

Blog Explaining Oracle’s Success in Cloud Applications By Michael Hickins—Jul 17, 2019 Every business and every business leader today wants to modernize using technology, all while reducing costs and, above all, eliminating complexity. From insurance to health care to education to luxury goods, companies across all...


[$] What’s coming in Python 3.8

The Python 3.8 beta cycle is already underway, with Python 3.8.0b1 released on June 4, followed by the second beta on July 4. That means that Python 3.8 is feature complete at this point, which makes it a good time to see wh… Continue Reading — [$] What’s coming...

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